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Уроки репетитора по разговорному английскому языку - Spoken English lessons online.

Уроки репетитора по английскому языку. Занятия разговорным английским онлайн.

Как по-английски "претендовать"

to lay claim to something, to set up a claim to something, to put in a claim for something — предъявлять требование /притязание/ на что-то; претендовать на получение чего-то.
претендовать на что-то — pretend (to), lay claim (to); aspire (to); put in a claim (for), have a claim (on)

what claim has he got to the property? — какие у него права /основания претендовать/ на это имущество? 
to cry halves — требовать половину, претендовать на половину 
to claim kin with somebody — претендовать на родство с кем-то, набиваться в родственники к кому-то 
to claim kindred — претендовать на родство (с кем-то) 
to claim kinship with somebody — претендовать на родство с кем-то
he makes no pretence to profound knowledge — он и не претендует на глубокие знания 
to have pretensions to literary taste — претендовать на обладание литературным вкусом 
don't set up for a scientist — я не претендую на большую учёность 
he set himself up as an authority [for a wit] — он претендовал на авторитет [на остроумие] 
to claim something in virtue of long service as a tutor — претендовать на что-то на основании /в силу/ долголетней службы репетитором.

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Почему нет большой разницы между Past simple и Present Perfect in modern English

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Вот пример частичной проверки эссе по английскому к ЕГЭ 2013

Оригинал смотрите в комментариях.
The majority of teenagers often suffer from exams pressure.
So maybe something should be changed in educational system?
I believe that examination is not such an effective way to test students.
Firstly, they feel very nervous before exams and sometimes it is why we often forget something in real examination.
And it is a pity because bad results would not allow us to enter that university in which we want to study.
Secondly, some teachers scare us with this mysterious testing that makes us feel diffident. 
We really need moral support before exams.
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Продолжаем писать и проверять эссе к ЕГЭ по английсокому:

Finally, because of corruption the results of some tests are doubtful. 
It is really sad that the percentage of such students becomes higher and higher.

upset -
1 [not before a noun] unhappy and worried because something unpleasant or disappointing has happened
upset by/about/at etc
She was really upset about the way her father treated her.
upset that
Debbie was upset that he didn't spend more time with her.
2. be upset with somebody - if you are upset with someone, you are angry and annoyed with them:
You're not still upset with me, are you?
3. upset stomach - an illness that affects the stomach and makes you feel sick
Besides, there is another point of view that examination is one of the most convenient ways to check students.
Because of a huge amount of graduates it is really hard to test them all, so it is easier to give them the same form of examinations. 
Furthermore, this system has existed many years and the Ministry of Education does not want any changes.
To my mind, the knowledge comes with life experience, and marks are not the main thing in our life.
There are different people and everybody has their own rate of training.
To sum up, I think it really would be nice if the system of education were changed.
We all know that nerve cells do not almost regenerate.

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